Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Some Hebridean insects

 A Carder Bee or a Bumble Bee?

 The dreaded Highland Midge

 An ichneumon wasp

 Antler Moth



  1. Scriptor,
    Can't get enough of your Hebidean photos.
    Looking forward to many, many more!

  2. Scriptor, a couple of questions-
    "People who were once on Lewis," - is that a scan from a book, and where is the memorial?

    I have a large number of photos of Lewis, as well, but my lot falls seriously short of your. Hope you have many more to post.


  3. Thanks for the kind comments, McGregor. The "People who were once on Lewis" is a verse that is etched in a window of the Woodlands Centre in the Castle grounds. There are a few different poems by different people in both English and Gaelic. Unfortunately they are hard to photograph (The camera delights in concentrating on the view through the window wherease the brain can ignore it!) but I'll try to do a separate posting on them at some stage.

  4. McGregor, a question for in turn - what exactly is 'art book binding' sounds fascinating. Is the art in the art of binding or is the art the type of book you bind?

  5. Scriptor,
    I've tried to answer the question of art book binding briefly, but alas! brevity often eludes me. In any case, art book binding is hand bookbinding that to some extent reflects and draws on traditions of book binding through the ages, for example, perhaps using hand-made or rag papers, coptic and long-stitch bindings to bind signatures together into a book, or using marbelized paper for the end covers, decorated pages, or spines. Some will search for special papers, others thrive on recycling, some integrate print techniques in their books, some will enjoy making tunnel books, or pop up books or simply integrating pockets into some of the pages of books they are giving new life to as 'altered books. I think the appeal of the form resides within our love books themselves, and perhaps participate in something on-going from the relatively distant past.
    This is as brief as I can manage. Thanks for asking!
    Take care,

  6. Thanks McGregor - you really should post some on your blog. I'm sure there'd be a lot of people interested to see them.


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