Sunday, 4 September 2011

Paint a Pot

A couple of weeks ago GB and I went into Coll Pottery - the concern GB owned for many years.  It must have been a strange experience for him to sit down and have coffee and cake (made by Jacky - or is it Jackie - creator of superb home-made cakes!) and do our traditional crossword.

The new owner of Coll Pottery is Debbie Woods and her Paint a Pot concern has been busy all summer with the children off school being taken in to paint pots.  But painting pots is suitable for all ages and if you are in the area I recommend calling in and taking part. (It's open Tuesday to Saturday in the winter and Monday to Saturday in the summer.)  Debbie is a delightful character and even if you only go for coffee and a look around it's worthwhile.

There are also lots of GB's pots still on sale there.

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