Monday, 15 June 2009

Flowers on the croft


On Friday I had a walk down the croft to the shore. Once again it took me an age to travel a few yards because I was stopping all the time to photograph the flowers and insects.

After my last trip down the croft I showed photos of Tormentil, Cuckoo Flower, Marsh Marigold, Yellow Flag, Milkwort, Lousewort, and Butterwort. A previous posting showed Marsh Marigolds and Primroses. Thrift had its own special posting. Here are some more of the flowers to be seen - plus a few repeats where they were irresistible.

Cuckoo Flower (also known as Ladies Smock or Milk-maids), again!

And Milkwort again.

White Clover.

Ladies' Bedstraw.



A Centaury (I think - I need to check it further).



Scentless Mayweed.

Common (or Heath?) Spotted Orchids.


  1. Gorgeous flowers! I love them all. Wish I can also have them on my garden. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. I enjoyed dropping by here.


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