Thursday, 28 May 2009

Down to the beach

After lunch on Wednesday I had a walk down the croft to the shore, looking out at Bayble Island all the while.

There were plenty of Marsh Marigolds alongside and in the bed of the stream which runs down the croft. But if I were to choose a flower that typifies the Island it would have to be the Thrift and I shall blog separately about that.

The views on the shore were not easy to photograph because the sun kept coming and going but it was surprisingly warm down on the beach.

This is a Green Shore Crab.

Over the years I have photographed so many Beadlet Sea Anemones but I still cannot resist taking more photos.

One of the gullies running down to the shore was full of Primroses.

And the mosses in the wetter gullies glistened in the weak sunshine.

The pebbles and boulders on the beach are mostly gneiss and granite.

Despite being down there for over two hours I only met one human - David. He was being taken for a walk by Briagha. The obedience lessons seem to have paid off. David was doing everything Briagha expected of him.

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  1. Oh so true. She loves taking David for a walk - she thinks she is boss and then I walk her and then she definitely knows who is boss!!

    The nice new collar is by courtesy of Graham. Thank you my friend.


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