Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Hebridean Weather

This morning:

One minute we had a beautiful blue sky with fleecy clouds overhead and in this view looking along I & C's croft with Eagleton on the left to part of Lower Bayble.

A few minutes later the sky looked really threatening up beyond Lower Bayble and a downpour preceded our trip into Stornoway.

Five minutes after the brief shower it was like this again. I never cease to be surprised at how quickly the weather changes on the Island. If the weather is bad that's a Good Thing. But if the weather appears perfect it can be a bit disconcerting.

For those who have not followed my Hebridean Blog over the last couple of years this is a photo of part of the front of GB's, showing the front door, on the left, then the kitchen window and the study, on the right. The plant in the foreground is Snow-in-Summer or Summer Snow (Cerastium tomentosum).

The road into Stornoway takes us across the Braigh - a narrow spit which joins the peninsula of Point to the main part of the Isle of Lewis.

We had a coffee in An Lanntair but only because the Library coffee shop was full. GB doesn't like the coffee there; there is no longer any service - previously one of its saving graces, and I don't like the cups and mugs. Small round handles may be arty but they are impossible to hold if you have any sort of difficulties with your grip. Perhaps not surprisingly, An Lanntair was empty.

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