Sunday, 31 May 2009

On the croft and along the cliffs..

On Saturday afternoon I had a wander around Iain and Carleo's croft and along the cliff top looking at the wild flowers and enjoying the sunhine.

In the grasses Tormentil sparkles away. It often reminds me of the Lakeland ells where I first saw it.

And Cuckoo Flower (also known as Ladies’ Smock).

In the wetter parts, hundreds of Marsh Marigolds are in flower,

And the Yellow Flag (or Yellow Iris) are just beginning to flower.

As always I couldn’t resist photographing Bayble Island from various angles.

The ledges of Bayble Island provide a nesting site for hundreds of seabirds.

On the drier ground the pretty little Milkwort can be found.

And in the shorter wet grasses the Lousewort is common.

The beautiful little Butterwort flower hides a nasty secret - the leaves trap and ingest insects.

In the pools on the peaty streams Pond Skaters were skimming along.

The wettest parts of the area have beds of Sphagnum mosses.

I was surprised to find a cow pat on the cliff top - I’ve never seen a cow there. These toadstools were growing in it.

Many of the fence posts are covered in lichens.

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  1. Your pictures are so beautiful. I have really enjoyed reading through your recent posts and just imagining the landscape that surrounds you.

    Thank you.


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