Saturday, 24 May 2008

Stornoway Half-marathon

Saturday 24th May 2008
Once again sleep evaded me and I was up before the dawn. But up here the dawn is worth being up for when it is another sunny day like today.

On our way into Stornoway we came across the Hebridean Marathon Week-end with the Stornoway Half-marathon in full swing. The speed with which the runners were travelling and the apparent lack of strain suggested these were the early runners in a fairly early stage of the race.

Passing the Castle gates we saw the finish line with its expectant crowd - still with a while to wait.

After shopping at the Co-op we drove into the Woodlands Centre for coffee and on the way into the Castle Grounds we came up behind one of the leading woman runners entering the grounds for the last kilometre or so of the journey.

And after coffee we came out to see the first of the female runners, interspersed with a few blokes, arriving just yards from the finish.

On the way out of the grounds we passed three of those who had finished, running back up towards the Woodlands Centre. The one in the middle is the women’s bronze medallist.

Back at Eagleton the sea was that startling combination of green and blue that makes the view here just incomparable on a sunny day.

To quote Wordsworth - if entirely out of context (he was referring to the view from Westminster Bridge):-
Earth has not anything to show more fair;
Dull would he be of soul who could pass by
A sight so fitting in its majesty….

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