Friday, 16 May 2008

Around North Lochs

Thursday 15th May 2008

Another beautiful morning. The views of the headland and across to the mainland were as good as ever. The mountains in the pciture below are Canisp and Suilven.

There were a couple of Ravens prukking and prinking as they flew over the croft and around the cliffs this morning.

On our way out GB had to pull into a passing place for three cars to go by - must have been rush hour! This gave me the chance of a photo over the moors towards the mountains of Harris.

After a trip around the back streets of Stornoway to seek the new sorting office (the old one having burned down recently) we went out long the Harris road through the fringe of Stornoway Woods.

We visited the memorial cairn to Bonnie Prince Charlie at Arnish. He landed at Loch Seaforth on 4th May 1746, just over a fortnight after his defeat at Culloden, and walked to Arnish, arriving on 5th May at Noon. The fugitive spent the night at Kildun House, courtesy of Lady Kildun. (I suppose it might spoil the romance a bit if I mentioned that, after leaving the Isles, Charles Edward Stuart became an alcholic drifter until his death in 1788...)

Around the memorial there were quite a few Violets and some red Sphagnum moss.

The view from the cairn included the nearby Loch Arnish and across the bay to Stornoway.

Looking across to the Iolaire monument, Swordale and Chicken Head:-

A brief trip around North Lochs took us past the three wind turbines. Wind farms are the subject of major controversy in the Outer Hebrides and an Inquiry into plans to build a large scale wind farm of 53 turbines on the Eishken Estate began this week. There have been plans ongoing for several years at Beinn Mhor and the original application was for a massive 133 turbines.

During our tour of North Lochs I took some photos of the boats at Crossbost.

Approaching Stornoway I photographed the view over to Mholach - the highest point of Lewis.

We went to the Woodlands Centre for an afternoon coffee and then a brief stroll along the harbour wall.

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