Saturday, 17 May 2008

To Callanish for Coffee

Saturday 17th May 2008

Another super sunrise at 5 a.m..

The houses at the top of the picture below form part of Lower Bayble. Lower Bayble consists of a number of crofts, each with its croft house built at the top end away from the sea. GB’s is on the site of what was originally the end house in Lower Bayble and the only one on the seaward end. Subsequently a new croft house was built at the top end and GB’s house lives on a little island in that end croft. The address was changed to Eagleton which is the row of houses on the left of the picture. These were Fishermen’s holdings with their crofts running at right angles to those of Lower Bayble.

This is “The House That Children Draw”, as seen from GB’s through the telephoto lens.

We went out on the Garynahine road, passing through Achmore, the only inland community of any size on Lewis. The mountains in the distance are those of Harris.

After collecting Ann from her home we went to the café at the Callanish stones.

The view from the café.

Back at Ann's there were plenty of Greylag Geese in the next field.

A ruined croft house at Callanish.

Back home the wind had really got up and the sea was rough.

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