Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Clouds, a Letter Box and a Blue Whale’s jaw

Tuesday 27th May, 2008
The clouds as we drove through Brue were highly photogenic. The cloudscapes are as exciting as the landscapes when you are somewhere with such open views as exist on Lewis.

At Bragar we stopped to photograph the letterbox at the Post Office. A “Ludlow” box, it is an example I have not seen before so I shall have ro add it to my webpages.

Also at Bragar, outside Lakefield House, once the home of the post master, Murdo Morrison, is an arch made of the jawbones of a Blue Whale which was found in a nearby bay in 1920, floating, dead, with a harpoon in its back. The jaws are each 25 feet long and together weigh about four tons. The apex of the arch is about 20 feet off the ground. The harpoon now forms part of the whalebone arch and its full history can be seen on

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