Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Clach an Truisheal

Tuesday 27th May, 2008

Clach an Truisheal, otherwise known as the Trushal Stone, is a monstrous standing stone - the largest in Scotland - and stands in what are now fairly uninspiring surroundings at Ballantrushal, 20km North of Stornoway on the West side of the island, just off the road to Ness.

It is nearly six metres tall. It is 2 metres wide and less than a metre thick. It now leans slightly to the south, so, if you are visiting it, stand on the north side!

The local explanation is that the stone marks the site of a battle, although it is considered by archaeologists to be a genuine prehistoric stone. A very thick layer of peat cut away in the 19th century attests to the stone's age. (The last battle between the Morrisons and the Macaulays is quite close by and may have created some confusion in that regard.)

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