Saturday, 10 May 2008

A Walk up the Road

Saturday 10th May 2008

After a quiet morning I had a lie down in the afternoon and got up to find that GB had got the waterfall working. It is brilliant. I have this problem that I use too many superlatives in my blog postings but this really does merit the word ‘brilliant’. It is not just the sight of it but the sound of running water makes so much difference to the garden. It brings it to life and really enhances the whole ‘sitting in the garden’ experience.

I had a walk up the road into Lower Bayble and this is the view of the back of GB’s from there using the ten times zoom on the camera.

There are one or two new houses going up in Lower Bayble and, of course, a few old ones falling down…

In this picture GB’s is the first house on the right being the last house on the left side of Eagleton.

The house shown below is known locally as “The house that children draw” because it is exactly the shape that children produce when asked to draw a house. This despite many houses on the islands being single storey. Apparently even on the Uists, where such a house is never seen, this is the shape that children draw!

This building, now a storehouse, is one of my favourites in Bayble.

Although the weather was not quite so warm or sunny today the sea was still amazingly calm.

There was plenty of Cuckoo Flower alongside the road.

Back at GB’s there was a Wheatear in the fence post again but this time a much plumper specimen than yesterday’s.

A Rove beetle in the garden.

And Pond Skaters (Gerris sp.) on the pond.

By night the waterfall is no less impressive.

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