Monday, 26 May 2008

The Dawn chorus

Monday 26th May 2008

I woke at 4.24 and being unable to go back to sleep I got up - just in time for the dawn at 4.45. Outdoors it was bright and fresh but the wind had dropped overnight so it wasn’t as cold as yesterday and I stayed outaside for a quarter of an hour watching the sun come over the horizon and listening to the bird song.
In addition to all the background sounds like Skylarks, Greenfinch and the neighbourhood cockerel there was a long, trilled song floating across from Ian’s house down the road. Eventually I found its maker but at such a distance I thought there was no chance of identifying it from the photo. I was proved wrong. Even at this distance the cocked-tail outline of the Wren is unmistakeable. Rather like the school bully, the Wren has a very loud challenging song for such a tiny bird.

The moon, hanging in the South, was almost opposite the early sunrise,

By five o’clock another beautiful day had dawned but all the world bar GB and I was still asleep, lying in for hours yet on this Bank Holiday Monday. JUST LOOK WHAT THEY MISSED….

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  1. Beautiful stuff. Been enjoying your blog since finding it yesterday, keep on posting!


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