Friday, 9 May 2008

A Day at Home

Friday 9th May 2008

This was the sight that greeted me at 4.30 a.m. as the sun began to rise over the hill on which Upper Bayble sits. There are few more wonderful views than that of the dawn light from GB’s kitchen and study.

Another day of bright and warm sunshine meant that as I idled away the day GB was working his socks off (or should that read - ‘with his socks off’) in the house and garden.

London Pride was once a most popular garden plant but I rarely see it nowadays on Merseyside. GB has a lovely little clump of it and like many of the Sedums and Saxifrages it seems capable of surviving the blasts of salt-laden wind that sweep up from the shore. London Pride (Saxifraga x urbium) is a perennial. Alternative names for it include St. Patrick's Cabbage, Whimsey, Prattling Parnell, and Look Up And Kiss Me.

‘They’ (that ubiquitous ‘they’ who serve to do so much work around the place) are currently working on the little harbour down by the quay. Every so often during the morning a great rumble of stones crashed up from there as another load was moved by the digger.

We had coffee in the sun and, of course, did the crossword.

A Wheatear came and sat on one of the fence posts for a while.

A primrose in GB's garden.

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