Tuesday, 13 May 2008

In Stornoway with the Seals

Monday 12 May 2008
GB and I went into Stornoway this morning for shopping and for GB to attend the dentist and pick up his latest test results from the doctor. The less said about the latter the better - why do bad things happen to good people??? In town the Dandelions which have been in such profusion this year have ‘gone over’ and in a few days the air is going to be absolutely full of little parachutes.

We had coffee at the Library and as usual did a Times crossword. We got stuck on two answers. The Name of modern Smyrna - I knew it was in Turkey but didn’t know it was modern Izmir. I have spent ages getting used to learning King Lear’s daughters (Cordelia, Goneril and Regan for those non-crossword / non-Shakespeare people) but today’s compiler decided to ask who his favourite Earl was. I didn’t even know he had a favourite Earl. It turned out to be ‘Kent‘.

The side of the Tourist Board office has sprouted a piece of attractive modern art since I was here last year but I haven’t quite worked out its significance (if any) as yet. Nevertheless it is pretty and livens up the car park in the town centre.

While GB bought plants in the garden centre I concentrated on photographing the many hoverflies which were enjoying the flowers.

Then, later, while GB was being drilled and otherwise cared for by the dentist I wandered around the harbour. Last year there didn’t seem to be many boats about but today there were plenty and the sunshine brought out the fisherman and their cans of paint.

A couple of Grey Seals were in the harbour so I spent half an hour sitting on a bollard waiting for them to surface near me.

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