Wednesday, 4 June 2008

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Wednesday 4th June 2008
Another beautiful day- just how long can this last? On the moor between Bayble and Garrabost people are still cutting, drying and bagging their peats - making winter fuel while the sun shines.

And a Hooded Crow flew over as we drove along.

While GB was shopping I spent some time at the harbour photographing boats. Then GB joined me and we had a go at capturing the Terns on film again. Don’t they fly quickly!!! (Of course, the term "On film" is now inaccurate since cameras don't use film nowadays but saying we tried to digitally register the terns sounds a bit like taking a census of them). A fishing boat came in and the seals and gulls were attracted by it - but in vain, it hadn’t been out fishing so there were no scraps for the scavengers.

During the last few days the Thrift on the Braigh has come out in full and is now at its peak.

The tidal range today was considerable - high tide being well up the beach and low tide almost round the end of the jetty.

In the evening the children were enjoying the warmth and jumping into the water from the jetty - mad and fun are synonymous when you are young!

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