Saturday, 14 June 2008

Filming at Bayble Pier

Friday 13th June 2008

We called in at the Garden Centre for a couple of plants and I said hello to the Chinchilla, Chinese Water Dragon (in a rather inelegant pose - the Chinese Water Dragon, not me) and some sort of skink (?).

On the way back the weather was not particularly conducive to photography but I couldn't resist taking the swathes of white Bog Cotton at Knock.

Back at GB's I spent an hour sitting out watching people filming at Bayble Pier. I don't know what they were filming but it involved an old-fashioned cart, a breeches buoy, and flares.

What I never fathomed out was how come they were filming people in modern clothes and yet using an old-fashioned cart with "Board of Trade" on it... I could only conclude it was the means of transporting the breeches buoy.

Rain showers in the afternoon brought a super rainbow in the bay.

By early evening it was fine again and Upper Bayble was shining in the sun.


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