Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Starlings and Sunsets

Monday 9th June 2008
I was not well this morning. As a result I wasn't able to make my usual supplication and sacrifice to the weather gods. So it rained for the second time since I arrived (not counting the very occasional shower that has hardly wet the ground).

By lunchtime I was feeling reasonable and the sun came out, somewhat fitfully, for the rest of the day. GB had remarked the other day that there were not so many Starlings around this year. They must have heard him because a flock came chattering in during the afternoon. A young Skylark also tried out his wings - and flew straight into the study window. Fortunately he was only shocked and otherwise unharmed. When I went to pick him up he flew off.

In the evening a pale blue sky allowed the sun to set attractively in a patch of yellow.

The moon was high in the sky by sunset and the high cirrus clouds were being blown in all directions.

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