Monday, 16 June 2008

Stornoway for the last time... (for now)

Monday 16th June 2008
Although it was a grey start to the day, even the grey skies can be beautiful here.

But the barometer is dropping drastically. Having claimed that the good weather throughout May and early June was due to my presence I decided it was time to depart before my reputation got damaged. So tomorrow I leave the island.

As if to confirm the decision the rain began in earnest.

We went into Stornoway and the rain stopped long enough for me to photograph the seals and gulls in the harbour.

On the quayside the fishermen had their nets laid out and at first I thought they were mending them but then I realised they were measuring them for some reason.

Most of the fishing boats in the harbour are registered in Stornoway (SY) but this was a visiting Ullapool (UL) boat.

Pastel shades around the harbour.

Ever since doing blog postings about the cast iron railings and gates around Stornoway I have noticed ever more and more. Even the railings at the harbour where we parked the car today had three different types of spike.

For the past week or so, each time we have gone into the castle grounds we have passed some Jackdaws. Today this one posed for me.

And a Starling did, too.

Despite all my trips into the castle grounds I have not mentioned the Rhododendrons. There are plenty of them in the grounds. Although they can be a nuisance, blocking out the light and thereby killing all the native flora, I like them and at this time of year they add a wonderful splash of colour to all the castle pathways.

At the Woodlands Centre we had the table by the bird feeders again. Collared Doves were there and our white-cheeked Blackbird who was chasing a female around. A Siskin, a Robin and a Blue Tit also came but not as many birds as the other day.

The Thrift on the Briagh was so good today that I got out of the car and photographed it in the rain.

We're off on the early ferry tomorrow. Our journey to the Wirral down the mainland of Scotland and Northern England will on my Pensby et al blog.

In the meantime, Lewis will not be forgotten in my blog postings on Rambles from my Chair. There are still pictures I haven't posted and blog ideas floating around in my brain somewhere.

The things I shall miss most when back on Merseyside will be GB's excellent company, the sky, the sea, the calm, the quiet, the countryside, going out in the car most days (even if it's only into the castle grounds for a coffee) and the people who have been so hospitable. This five and a half weeks has been by far the longest holiday I have ever had in my life. I shall miss Lewis enormously. In the brief time I've been here I have been made to feel so at home. Where else could you go and be recognised and made welcome by someone who works on a till in a supermarket serving a population of 20,000 people.

So here is a big

to Pat and Dave (and Briagha), Fiona, Carol & Iain, Christine and Norman, Barry and Ena, Ann, Steve, and everyone else who has been so hospitable and made the holiday so brilliant.

I don't know if this is a threat or a promise but I'LL BE BACK!


  1. It's been a great pleasure following the quiet joys of your holiday on Lewis for these past weeks. Thanks for allowing those of us in busy parts of the world to enjoy your holiday vicariously.

    Scott Gilmore
    San Diego, California

  2. Thanks for the various comments, Scott. It's been interesting to know I had an audience so far away. Hope your Hebridean trip comes to pass.

  3. I enjoyed reading about your trip. It's especially interesting reading about a place so far from what I know in the desert of the US. I look forward to checking out your other blogs as well.

  4. great post!! great pictures!! love the place!! thanks for dropping by mine!


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