Sunday, 1 June 2008

South Lochs

Saturday, 31st May 2008
Although the sun came over the clouds shortly after dawn the weather closed in again for a little while and a heavy mist rolled in from the sea.

After calling at the chemist in Stornoway GB took me out to South Lochs this morning. The weather was clear skies one minute and cloudy the next (literally) until we reached Balallan at which stage it cleared up for good.

Our first port of call was Marvig - this is the old post office there.

Then we went round Calbost, Gravir and on to Lemreway. On the way we passed a Redshank picking at the edge of a loch.

At Lemreway there were lots of black Rabbits running around - one ran in front of the car and nearly became an ex-black rabbit!

After calling at Orinsay we dropped in on Steve for a coffee.

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