Wednesday, 4 June 2008

First thing

Tuesday, 3rd June 2008
First thing this morning the mainland was visible as was a huge cruise ship; the midges were tangible; and Skylarks and Wrens were audible. Half an hour later the rain came in and the mainland disappeared, the midges went to ground and the birds stopped singing. By 8 .m. everything was back to being visible, tangible, audible, etc… Including a small oil delivery tanker. There was even a brief spell of sunshine. And so it alternated for a while… The weather changes so quickly here on Lewis.

Then it settled down to become yet another glorious day though the sky was never quite so blue as it has been the last few weeks. This wasn’t obvious so much in the sky itself but by its reflection off the sea which, as can be seen here, was a liitle bit more grey/blue than bright green/blue this afternoon.

A little baby Greenfinch was begging its Mummy and Daddy for food but they were steadfastly ignoring it. Sorry, sunshine, it’s time to branch out on your own…

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